Everyday Freedom: Food Galore

I have struck a deal with Aske.

Up until now we have divided the household chores between us such that each of us would be in charge of shopping, cooking and doing the dishes roughly 15 days a month.

Seeing, though, that he currently spends much of his time earning money, whereas I have bought myself some time, we have made a new agreement:

He gives me the money that he would usually spend on food, and I do the shopping and cooking.

This deal holds great promise for both of us:

  • Aske gets to spend his free time on other things than shopping and cooking.
  • I get to decide what we eat.
  • Any money saved belongs to me.

In addition, the scheme goes well with a new ‘weekly obsession‘ of mine:

I want to know where my food comes from, and how it is made. I want to know about edible plants and fungi in nature. I want to know about growing herbs on the balcony or in a windowsill. I want to know about preservation and pickling.

I want to know the things that my grandmother knew. Or at least some of it.

…No, I have not forgotten my book. In fact, I am making steady progress with that one too. But I need to get out and do other stuff as well, if I am to make it sanely all the way to the shelves of the bookstores. And I am.

So, speaking of food, what have I been up to so far?

LCHF BreadWell, two weeks ago I tried out home-made bread – LCHF style.

I also went and picked a lot of sweet berries, which – sadly – turned out to be poisonous. Oh well, you can’t win them all, can you? Poisonous berries: Frangula AlnusLooking on the bright side, I only ate a few of them before doing my research. Aske hardly panicked at all. Besides, my friend Google says that it is safe to use these berries for schnapps, so maybe I will give that a try some day.

During the weekend of that same week, Aske and I went on a field trip with some friends, who just happened to know a bit about wild mushrooms. So apart from spending the night outdoor, in a shelter, we also had an amazing dinner with mushroom soup for starters. None of us got ill. The only regret: We left behind quite a lot of fungi of the type ‘Boletus Luridiformis‘, which – contrary to the beliefs of our friends – are not poisonous. In fact, they are said to be particularly tasty. But hey – I didn’t know that before. Now I do.

Butter, yoghurt and cheeseLast week I made my own yoghurt, butter and some fresh cheese. All it took was 4 liters of milk, some cream, a little salt and a few spoons of the yoghurt we already had in our fridge. I added a bit of chives, chili and ginger to half of the cheese, just for the fun of it. I would have never dreamed that it was that easy!

Stevia and ChiliI also spent two days (one as a volunteer, one as a regular guest) at this years Food Festival – where, among other things, I learned some more about the process of making cheese. We brought home two new plants for our windowsill: A stevia and a chili.

Blackberries with whipped cream and maple syrupYesterday, fighting off the last hints of a small attack of flu, I picked nearly two kilos of elderberry, about a kilo of blackberries, a few apples and some cherry plums. All of it completely free and within a radius of a kilometer or so from our home. Then I went back home and made delicious elderberry soup, blackberry jam and apple/plum pork. We ate the pork right away – the soup and the jam I have saved for later. For dessert we had fresh blackberries with whipped cream and a bit of maple syrup. No, that is not LCHF style. But it is tasty.

Today? – Today we are going to have pancakes. With homemade blackberry jam and sour cream.

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